A “dead’ Architect, & The Squirrel Tree Inn

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Back in the other century writer William Gibson clued me in to something called Altavista. This was a primitive search engine. Since then most of us rely on Google.

Search engines are important if we want to find stuff. In this 21st century and in this pandemic I long for talking to human beings in person or at the very least on a phone. I rely on Canada 411 to find people. But since so many of us (not me) are getting rid of land lines unless the person you want to find is on social media you are sunk.

My 2002 diary/phone book (the last one I ever had) is full of names of people who are long dead or have moved elsewhere and I cannot find them.

Sometimes you want that instant satisfaction of calling someone and not have to resort to Messenger or Twitter for a “please call me”.

This is the case of a former acquaintance and friend, Architect Thomas Zimmerman. His web page is under construction and the phone numbers to be found related to him are all one number that is out of service. My reason for wanting to contact him is not all that important so I will not email him. He is now officially (for me) dead.

Why that preamble? It has all to do with buying the second volume of the Edward Weston Diaries — California (I have the first one — Mexico) at MacLeod Books on West Pender and Richards.

I brought the lovely book and upon opening it at home I found an invite addressed to Russell A Vandiver Jr. and a hotel bill for the same man.

My research has only given me the possible connection of him being an interior designer who once worked for Thomas Zimmerman. There is no obituary found if Mr. Vandiver is no longer with us.

The MOMA invite is lovely and when I looked the strange photograph (to me) with the info Charis, Lake Ediza 1937 it was a blank for me. Further research, thanks to that modern search engine and also in my Edward Weston diaries took me to the fact that a nude photograph of her is one of the most famous of the 20th century. And yes there are several obituaries for Charis Wilson.

Charis Wilson — 1936 — Edward Weston

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