As we say here in Vancouver and in Canada “Hear! Hear!” but there is a catch which is important here. You can paint nudes to your heart’s content. You can place the images in social media and few will object nor will you be banned. But the moment you use a photograph, what happens? We have the double standard problem with the male/ female nipple.

As a product of the past century, I am now 75, an obsolete, redundant & retired magazine photographer who had been exhibiting stuff in local galeries beginning in 2000 and going strong for 10 years. Our city is extremely conservative and my oldest daughter (50) thinks I am a pornographer. I shoot many nudes and I well know that none of them can see the light of day except in a gallery.

And there is this which I have been exploiting with much interest. When a man my age thinks of the erotic, it is above the waist. It is very cerebral and subtle.

I believe that nobody in this century has taken the mantle of Helmut Newton. His photographs had style and elegance. There is nobody that I know that does that now.

Balthus cannot be discussed or liked because he painted young women.

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