Baroness Rendell of Barbergh — 17 February 1930–2 May 2015

When I met Ruth Rendell some years ago in the early 90s I told her that she looked awfully scary. She warmly smiled at me and told me she was not in the least scary. I then asked her to look at my camera the way she was not and as I saw her. She obliged. Since I also photographed her friend Baroness James of Holland Park I have reflected for years on their difference of approach. Rendell had serial killers while James concentrated on family wills and how inheritance produced vicious murders. Now at my age of 72 as I watch my daughters and how our impending sale of our house or how if either Rosemary or I go to our Maker soon I wonder if James may have been right. It would seem that wills and deaths cause many more. And James may have, in retrospect, be the scarier of the two.

Link to: Baroness Rendell of Babergh — 17 February 1930–2 May 2015

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