Coitus Interruptus — Rex Morgan M.D.

Lloyd Dykk the Vancouver Sun’s music critic died on February 8, 2012. I knew him well enough to know we shared a fondness for Rex Morgan M.D. I wrote about it here.

On March 22 I was startled most pleasantly because June Gale (now June Morgan) appeared quite sexy as she was removing her exterior clothing while Rex Morgan (not wearing a top) waited in bed. The pair were back from investigating a strange condo in Florida in which the occupants, all strippers, were giving parties to finance one of their own’s bout with cancer. On March 23, the strip got racier, particularly in the Sunday colour one.

I wonder what Dykk might have commented on this. I would have called him up and I could have imagined his smile of glee as we compared notes. As far as I know this is the first example of coitus interruptus in Rex Morgan M.D. What is the news they are going to reveal to their daughter Sarah? That her mother is going to have a baby and it just might be a boy.

Link to: Coitus Interruptus — Rex Morgan M.D.

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