Dear Kitten,

I am as concerned about all these changes as you are. But then at my age of 75 I no longer worry too much about the future. I have been blogging every day (over 4100 blogs) with Blogger since January 2006. They had all kinds of problems in those first years. I had my blog custom-designed and attached to my web page. Because I am now a retired magazine writer and photographer I don’t need to add or upgrade (I hate that word!) Now Blogger is firmly without any bugs. But I have noticed now for some time that my RSS feed is not used by anybody. If I don’t place my blog links (with a photograph, naturally) on Twitter and Facebook people complain that I have not blogged. This means that blogs are really only noticed within social media. I like the Medium blog import tool. I use it a lot and modify some of my original blogs to make them a bit more universal (by this I mean to be understood by your folks down in the US as I am in Vancouver). The original Medium I read about in my NYTimes has changed because of this constant need to “improve” which is another word I hate. On the positive side the folks at Medium help instantly to answer my request for help.

At age 75 I have little time to read all blockbuster novels or to read every page of my daily delivered NY Times (at the front door). So the idea that I have to pay to read content on Medium does not interest me. I would rather read David Pogue or Jorge Luís Borges.

As for the lovely photograph illustrating your essay there is this:

Into Bunny Watson. I am a Vancouver-based magazine photographer/writer. I have a popular daily blog which can be found at:

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