I have been writing a daily blog since January 20016. In the first few weeks I was going to allow comments in my Blogger blog. Then I noticed the comments (even then) in on-line publications. They were mean and in most cases the people who objected did not read anything through. I never did install the comments into my blog. A blog by very definition is a personal diary. It is irrelevant if anybody reads it, ignores, hates it or likes. The real purpose for this writer who until recently was a magazine photographer/writer is to tell a story and this somehow helps make sense of the world inside of me. Writing for Medium (in spite of those essays reporting to the contrary) is rarely going to make anybody rich or famous. The idea of “going viral” is really irrelevant as it usually implies a crazy cat dancing or some sexy photograph of a celebrity who we thought had never disrobed.

I personally object and mostly ignore (but not this one) that have titles with four-letter words or words about defacation. If anything the latest US Election (as seen by me in Vancouver Canada) proves that a sense of style and civility is all but gone in general communication.

I keep writing and it gives me personal pleasure. I am not about to give advice on how to write. Writing is something quite personal.

This particular blog of mine http://blog.alexwaterhousehayward.com/2016/11/manrique-detective-steven-prenzl-his.html

Steve Prenzle — Photograph — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

which I wrote recently and there is a Medium version: https://medium.com/photographs-words/manrique-detective-steven-prenzl-his-pepper-spray-gun-a0af4fd0bee#.3arwwv63x

had few readers. The picture illustrating it is not of some undraped babe but of a plain-clothes policeman friend of mine from my past. The blog is about my relationship with police since I was a little boy. It is a memoir, it is personal and it was fun to write. That is enough.



Into Bunny Watson. I am a Vancouver-based magazine photographer/writer. I have a popular daily blog which can be found at:http://t.co/yf6BbOIQ alexwh@telus.net

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