I liked your essay on female masturbation simply because you wrote it in an almost clinical-matter-of-fact style. There is little of that these days an in particular at Medium.

As a an almost 76 retired magazine photographer and writer I have always been of keen interest in taking erotic photographs that convey my Argentine male/straight sexuality. Of late I have begun to understand that with failing plumbing my idea of the erotic is more subtle and cerebral. It is definitely above the waist. Because I am well known in my Vancouver, of late I have been getting requests by women in their late 40s, and 50s to pose and to somehow convey their idea of their changing body and how it affects the erotic. Up to know have subjected these women to my ideas but none have come forward with their own. This photograph of a view (mine) of a woman playing my Chickering baby grand seemed to satisfy my subject.What do you think of this? I finally found a woman cinematographer (Canadian) called Lynne Stopkewich who made two films Kissed (based on a Barbara Gowdy book) and Suspicious River that to me felt like a woman’s point of view. I don’t see that in Kathryn Bigelow’s films. So my question is, “Is there a definable woman’s point of view?” https://medium.com/@alexwh/as-a-75-year-old-obsolete-redundant-retired-magazine-photographer-i-am-sad-that-nobody-has-taken-a5752b280e88

Into Bunny Watson. I am a Vancouver-based magazine photographer/writer. I have a popular daily blog which can be found at:http://t.co/yf6BbOIQ alexwh@telus.net

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