Inez Barber O’Reilly de Kuker — First Cousin — Godmother

Photograph — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

My Mother’s Red Shawl — El Rebozo Colorado
Inez Barber O’Reilly de Kuker — First Cousin — Godmother

I loved your mother. She had beautiful legs.

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Inesita, as I call her is 94. She is all here. She speaks like the Queen but my argument is that the Queen speaks like her as Inesita is older. Her mother, Aunt Inez, my father’s older sister loved not only my father but my mother, too. Whe I was born she wanted to be my godmother. But that could not be as Argentina was very Roman Catholic in 1942. Aunt Inez Barber was divorced and she had married a gentleman from Mendoza, Alejandro Ariosa. So the next best thing was that her daughter, my first cousin, became my godmother. It is fun to have a glamorous and lively godmother who happens to be my godmother or is that the other way around?

On my trips to Buenos Aires I visit her often and she always makes sure that the tea at the table is a thé completo (with all the works). She does not see very well but when we go for a walk she walks as a woman who is much younger. I hold her hand because Buenos Aires sidewalks are treacherous. Inesita is a great-great grandmother. When I am with her it is almost like being with my mother.

I am Jorge Alejandro. My middle name is after my godfather who was Alejandro Ariosa. He was also the godfather of my favourite nephew, Georgito, Inesita’s oldest son.

Below are the rest of my friends and relatives all wearing my mother’s red Mexican rebozo.

Heather Pawsey — Soprano

Randy Rampage — Bassist

Nora Patrich — Pintora

Keely Jade Daikin — Photojournalist & Treeplanter

Nicole Langdon Davies — Photographer

Juliana Soltis — Cellist — Nomad

Kyla Gardiner — Theatrical Lighting Director

Curtis Daily — Contrabassist

Bob Mercer — Editor — Musician — Friend

Jorge JoséO’Reilly — Primo/Sobrino — Amigo — Campeón de Rugby

Art Bergmann Singer-Songwriter- Guitarist

Homero Aridjis Poeta

Zippy Pinhead Musician

Caitlin Legault Art Model

Holly McRea Model — Poet — Creation Conduit.

Lisa Ha Model — Volunteer — Friend

Carmen Alatorre Diseñadora de vestuario

Roberto Baschetti Sociólogo, Investigador Histórico — Amigo

Jennifer Froese Youth Worker

Rachel Cairns Actor

Jennifer Landels Espadachina

Judith Currelly Pilot- Artist

Jim Erickson Set Decorator

Alexandra Hill Soprano

Georgina Elizabeth Isles Figure Model

Emma Middleton Actor

Mark Pryor Author/Lawyer/Assistant DA Travis County TX

Brother Edwin Charles Reggio, CSC Mentor & Teacher

Veronica Vex Burlesque Dancer

George McWhirter Poet

Raúl Guerrero Montemayor Padre-Compadre

Alexandra Waterhouse-Hayward Maestra

Shirley Gnome Singer/Provocateur

Yeva & Thoenn Glover Dancers/Choreographers

JJ Lee Writer

Jacqueline Model

Cathy Marsden Psychiatrist

André De Mondo Wanderer

Colin MacDonald Saxophonist/Composer

Nina Gouveia Yoga Instructor

Stacey Hutton Excercise Physiologist

Colleen Wheeler Actor

Sarah Rodgers Actor, Director,Mother

Tim Turner — Real Estate Agent

Kiera Hill Dancer

Johnna Wright & Sascha Director/Mother — Son/Dreamer

Decker & Nick Hunt Cat & 19th century amateur

George Bowering Poet

Celia Duthie Gallerist

Linda Lorenzo Mother

Katheryn Petersen Accordionist

Stefanie Denz Artist

Ivette Hernández Actress

Byron Chief-Moon Actor/Dancer

Colin Horricks Doctor

Ian Mulgrew Vancouver Sun Columnist

Jocelyn Morlock Composer

Corinne McConchie Librarian

Rachel Ditor Dramaturg

Patrick Reid Statesman, Flag Designer

Michael Varga CBC Cameraman

Bronwen Marsden Playwright/Actress/Director

David Baines Vancouver Sun Columnist

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward Photographer

Lauren Elizabeth Stewart Student

Sandrine Cassini Dancer/Choreographer

Meredith Kalaman Dancer/Choreographer

Juliya Kate Dominatrix

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