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I have no idea how the great Medium algorithm has determined that the above story is just right for this 74 year-old grandfather who has been married for 49 years. As a product of the 20th century I find that the meaning of the word sublety has been lost in these 17 years of the 21st. Had Shakespeare been less subtle all his sonnets would have been reduced to:

“Let’s fuck.”

That is why poetry can be so beautiful and the poems of Emily Dickinson so evocative and, yes, even erotic.

I remember reading that the French approach to sex was similar to their instructions for cooking:

“Place dish in moderately hot oven until done.”

as oposed to those from the US:

“Place dish at 200 degrees Farenheit for exactly 14 minutes.”

What is erotic cannot be defined exactly. It all depends on the individual. For me one of the most erotic images ever is watching Marilyn Monroe playing the ball on a rubber band paddle in the bar of the Misfits while wearing that polka-dot dress. Many years later I had to luck to photograph and interview photographer Elliott Erwitt (who was the stills photographer for the film). I asked him about the polka-dot scene in the bar. He had no idea what I was talking about.

Photograph — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

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