Luckily I think I am a man in a minority as I have never been turned on by a woman on a woman particularly those of yore that featured red lipstick, red pumps, red finger nails, etc. I have written about it here:

As a magazine photographer in a distant past I had to photograph a few gay women. I enjoyed the fact (particularly with a most beautiful lesbian) that having coffee (to figure out our shoot) I was completely relaxed not having to postulate my maleness! I remember seeing a strange woman wearing glasses with no lenses in a Vancouver club called The Railway Club that featured a then unknown K.D. Lang. In fact her fame began in that club. Now as a 75 year old retired magazine photographer and writer I enjoy tremendously taking pictures of women (flat chested ones!) wearing my Mexican Puerto de Liverpool ( a deparment store) pin-striped suit, shirt and tie.

I made it a point (and my wife Rosemary agreed) to name our second daughter Hilary (with one l) because the name was epicene. This meant that it was up to our growing daughter to impose a sex on her name.

I remember that by the late 70s and early 80s the word that defined these people of uncertain sex was androgenous. I love taking pictures that hint at androgyny.

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