Medium in the Age of Globalization

I have now since January 2006 blogged 4993 times with my custom Blogger Blog that is ancillary to my web page. Many of these blogs I have re-purposed into the sometimes neat (sometimes it does not work or it selectively removes either links or photographs).

At 77 I am an obsolete, redundant, retired and inconsequential magazine photographer and writer who does not need money. I really do not care who reads or likes my Medium entries, I do it for fun and I particularly smile at the fact that most just look at the opening photograph and do not read. Consider that Medium is all about writing.

Because I am bilingual (born in Buenos Aires and now a Canadian citizen living in Vancouver) I sometimes write in Spanish. I have now figured out that using Medium en Español or any other tag pretty well relegates the blog/essay into oblivion.

I believe this is because Medium is completely designed for very young Americans living in the United States who are constantly trying to convince me about Five ways to… The Three best… and other stuff that is advice. Perhaps Medium should have an Advice section to relegate all those who want to illuminate me on their young tech wisdom.

I further believe that if you do not upgrade your essays will rarely be picked up by the editors. Most if not all the essays on my opening page are the ones you have to pay to read.

Here is my latest Medium entry in Spanish : Los Sillones de mi Vida y la de Jacinto. Of late I have been writing lots of stuff related to Argentine author Julio Cortázar who should be better known, particularly in the country south of my Canada. In Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century a journalist said :

“México, tan cerca de los Estados Unidos y tan lejos de Diós.”

which translates to:

“Mexico, so close to the United States and so far from God.”

Into Bunny Watson. I am a Vancouver-based magazine photographer/writer. I have a popular daily blog which can be found at:

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