I live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I am Argentine by birth. I lived in Mexico for many years. In both countries there is a saying:

Tan cerca de los E.E.U.U. y tan lejos de Dios.

That translates to: So near to the US and so far from God.

Of late I have been thinking about it. And the latest nod to my memory came from the ubiquitous blue flag that appears on my monitor screen ( a very good Dell CRT) in my Windows 7 PC.

I am just fine with my computer the way it is and I don’t buy the Microsoft TV ads on how children will grow (oh! so well) in a world of Windows 10. I seem to have no choice in being able to choose “not now or “don’t show this again.”

This kind of advertising is not subtle. If you know as most of us know that advertising was invented by our neighbours to the South, perfected by our neighbours to the South, why must we now be subjected to advertising that unlike on a TV or radio (you can turn them off) is there every time I switch my computer on?

Into Bunny Watson. I am a Vancouver-based magazine photographer/writer. I have a popular daily blog which can be found at:http://t.co/yf6BbOIQ alexwh@telus.net

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