Pastoral Jessi

Photographs — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

I met the striking Jessi a few months back. She came over and posed for my friend Curtis Daily and myself. She was fun to photograph not to mention helping her affix a black ribbon around her body with gaffer tape that did not seem to stick!

After our afternoon photo session Jessi made the decision that she had had enough of Vancouver city living and owning things. She sold lots (and must have thrown away lots) and moved out of the city to explore the boonies.

My Filipino mother many years ago told me that in WWII when American soldiers were based in the Philippines they modified the Tagalog word bundok (which my mother pronounced boonedook for mountain which also meant far away) to boonies.

Jessi wanted to escape the complexity of our city and to perhaps live a simple (pastoral) life.

Many years ago on a trip to England I took a rapid train from Shropshire to Euston Station in London. I remember looking out of the window and seeing landscapes that reminded me of the music composer Edward Elgar. I instantly relaxed and felt at ease with myself.

It is my hope that Jessi, out there, is able to do just that.

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