Pristine, Cool, Crisp, Elegant (But Otherwise Ordinary) Hostas

Photographs -Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

A few days ago in the late evening (8pm) I took some pictures of my emerging garden. It is in the waning days of May that hostas look their crisp best. The nicest feature of the hostas in these photographs is that most of them are ordinary hostas except for my prima donna Hosta ‘June’ that demands I photograph her whenever I look in her direction. She is always perfect and her perfection does not fade until September when most of my other hostas and perennials show the wear and tear of spent blooms, bug and slug damage and are ready to call it a year.

Top left you see Hosta ‘Krossa Regal’ with Kirengeshoma palmata . Right is Hosta ‘June’ with Osmunda regalis (Royal Fern) to her right. Behind left is Hosta ‘Gold Regal’, not quite gold/yellow yet as the colouring happens in July. To June’s right is an extremely ordinary and old hosta, so old that it is difficult to now get her in the local garden trade.

She is Hosta ‘Antioch’. She measures five feet across and you can see more of her, left. Behind Osmunda regalis is the cinnamon fern, Osmunda cinnamomea.

Sometimes it pays to play with a new camera that is not too familiar. The last picture seen here measures 4 inches across in its original size. The pictures taken by my German swivel lens panoramic, the Noblex 175 should be 7 inches across. I was ready to see Horst until I figured out that I had loaded the Noblex incorrectly.

Link to: Pristine, Cool, Crisp, Elegant (But Otherwise Ordinary) Hostas

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