As a retired magazine photographer and writer (I began in Vancouver in 1977) I have lived the film era and the transition into digital. I tell some of my friends that Canon and Nikon are coming out with new cameras that have a built-in phone and they believe me! I shoot 120 film with my Mamiya and keep a diminishing stock of Fuji Instant Film for it. When I travel I skip the hassles of passing film at airports by using both a Fuji X-E1 and an X-E3.

For those who at one time used Kodak B+W Infrared Film or that extra sharp and red sensitive Kodak Technical Pan Film (probably the sharpest film ever made) we can also appreciate stuff that isn’t stunning, overly saturated, etc. Good phones are really a camera with a phone.

Why then am I unable to convince my contemporaries on the wonders of my recently repaired (I had abandoned it when the command button became innoperative) iPhone3G? It has no SIM card as it is only a camera. I have spent $60 for a clamp so I can mount it on my tripod and used it in my studio with the modeling lights of my flash system. I sharpen the pictures up, use levels to my satisfcation.

Olena — iPhone3G

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