The future of photography as much as it will evolve and as much as cameras will be improved in the end it will depend when photographers realize that what is being lost is style. While the first photograph by Niépce did not include a human in it, after that photographers went to the human in the shot. They could have been dead babies or dead soldiers in the US Civil War but there was always the human content. In adds for recent cameras and in camera magazines all I really see is tons of landscapes. I was a magazine photographer in Vancouver from 1977 until a few years ago when journalism and good magazines (that paid) became moribund. I worked with art directors who demanded of me portraits that were “different”. I used Hollywood lights, ring flashes, pinhole cameras but ultimately it was an ability to communicate with my subjects (no street photographs on the sly) that paid my bills very well. I see little recognizable style now. Here is the conundrum for the future of photography.

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