The New Google Blogger ( A Disaster of Misguided Complexity)

In the last few week I have faced a new template and dashboard (that is what it is called) with my custom Blogger blog which I began in January 2006. After over 5100 blogs I am suddenly faced with a complexity that perhaps can only be understood by someone under 30. I am 78. One of the options that the Vancouver company that designed my webpage and custom blog, Skunkworks has given me if we are not able to circumvent what I am facing now is to convert my whole blog to WordPress.

Until about a year ago my Blogger blog had an awesome internal search engine which helped me find themes that I might have written before. Now that search engine goes about a year back. I was never informed of this. So I resort to putting a key word or theme, then a comma and then my name. Google will usually find it. If this fails I have been told by Tim Bray that Bing will come in handy (and it has!).

At this moment Skunkworks is working on how to save my blog for the legacy posterity that my family would want.

In the last few months when my wife emails me with her iPhone7 to my Galaxy5 the email will arrive sometimes about 30 minutes late. The folks at the Telus Store near our Kitsilano neighbourhood told me tha the Telus server (they are my internet provider and they are a very big cross-Canada company) have a notorious server. This week they are switching to a Gmail/Google server. How can I escape this incredible intrusion by a company that seems to be taking over the world?

It would seem that my death will be the only exit that will work.

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