The Rose Window of Chutreaux

As I was walking across my deck to my oficina I noticed the English Rose, Rosa ‘Munstead Wood’. There was only one bloom. I knew what I was looking at. I rushed into my library and took out one of my loveliest books David Macaulay’s Cathedral — The Story of Its Construction (1973). Macaulay’s splendid illustrations how the inhabitants of an imaginary but plausible city in France called Chutreaux built a Gothic cathedral in the 13thcentury. The workers began on May 24, 1252 and finished it in mudsummer 1338.

In the book I found the picture of one of the rose windows being built, not to mention the stylized rose on the cover of the book.

Since Lauren, my 14 year-old granddaughter was with us today I showed her the rose and then the picture of the window. She immediately guessed that it is called a rose window.

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