Variations on a Single Theme

Scanned negative — fast film- all photographs Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Thursday, October 15, 2020

El mismo perro con un diferente collar.

Paradoxically for me, the digital innovations of this century offer so many possibilities and choices that I feel like being inside the Indigo bookstore on Granville and Broadway in Vancouver. I see so much stuff (besides books) that I yearn for Macleod’s Books on West Pender or any Buenos Aires bookstore. They only have books.

Scanned negative with opaque pastice under it.

I have been unable to convince my contemporaries that while anything you shoot with a digital camera can be converted to b+w, high contrast, low contrast, etc. the variations are still from the same shot. When I shoot with m Fuji X-E3 I like to also use a Nikon FM-2 and a Mamiya RB-67 with film. While the photographs, perhaps taken at about the same time may look similar they are intrinsically different.

Scanned contact sheet

And then there are the variations shown here. They are all one snap of Linda Lorenzo loaded with a very fast Ilford Delta 3200ISO film with my Mamiya using the available light of my former studio. I will explain how each one was done.

Scanned darkroom print

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